We are Olio.

We play.

About Olio

Olio is a unique experience inspired by spontaneous play, exploration, and imagination. Olio is what the name suggests, a miscellaneous collection of things.

How Do You Olio?

Our activities are based on the interests of the children, allowing each day to develop and change with the curiosity of the kids. We provide a variety of tools, props and choices, along with some guidance. In return we ask the kids to be kids and make the day their own.

There may be…picking vegetables, planting flowers, fashion shows, jam sessions, paper airplanes, marble runs, marshmallow towers, peace talks, cardboard towns, milk jug helmets, mysteries, spies, capture the flag and talent shows. There will be a whole lot of fun.

The kids have a self-serve shelf of books and board games, yarn and beads, legos and arts & crafts supplies. They have a garden, animals and acres of land to roam.

The activities at Olio are up to the kids. They lead, we assist.

We give them guidance, supplies and tools to help them discover new ways to accomplish their goals. Olio is about pure play. It’s about giving kids a break from the structure of a regular schedule.

Where Do You Olio?

Olio is located at 1863 Brannen Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Need to get in touch with us?
Phone: 865.223.2781
Email: info@campolio.com

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